Non-Orthodox System Analysis.


The cost of public healthcare is a question of non-monetary resource planning and allocation. In an advanced currency-issuing nation, creation pays for a world-class National Healthcare System.

Project Development

Computational Monetary System Models

The development of simple computational (agent-based) monetary system models in order to better understand public money creation and system dynamics.


ModelSIM is the simplest agent-based sectoral flow model of a government, non-government monetary system. For model experiments and accounting, visit the web application

The creation and destruction of money is a system. Delays are ubiquitous in systems. For the integration of real-world expenditures and subsequent model outputs, view 'ModelSIM Application' from


Premise: Governments in future may either issue short-duration bonds or provide term deposit accounts.

Model portfolio choice combines the circular flow approach to money of ModelSIM with the stock approach. Money is now a financial asset which agents hold for investment purposes. Agents make a portfolio choice between money and other short-duration financial assets.

Commission ModelPC development.

UK National Health System Graph Database

Graph database technology is helping to expedite what is one of the greatest macroscopic trends of the day: To reveal connected, yet opaque, relationships between disparate data in order to generate insight.

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